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Hi everyone! I am fairly new at creating a profile here but I visit the page QUITE often. I mostly specialize in "normal" art. You know, painting, drawing, photography..however, not too long ago I wanted to try my hand at Pepakura. I was fairly happy with the first result, considering I have never done anything like that before...ever. But now I want MORE. lol
Anyways, I am 26 and I'm a southern girl from Louisiana and I love to play video games. Don't even get me started on how many hours of my life I have wasted on Skyrim. It is my absolute favorite and I guess you can just say I am obsessed. :P

**DISCLAIMER** MOST of the art I post on my profile is not created from my original art/photo. The credit of the art/photo belongs to someone else, and I just painted/drew my own version. :)

*DISCLAIMER 2: I got my profile picture from another awesome deviant unkownimouz15 and just added my face :D Here is her picture.…


Picture of Prince Noctis from Final Fantasy XV!! Was originally going to be done in pen (hence the nose and eyes lol) but I changed my mind and did it in colored pencil. The background is just fine point sharpie. It needs a tad more work because the right side is not as dark as it should be! But I hope you enjoy!
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Daedric Armor
I made this with Pepakura. This is my armor on the mannequin in my living room! It is basically complete but I can't get the boots on lol. My first attempt at anything like this and I am proud of it even though it looks a bit rough!! lol The only other thing I need to do is add my LEDs! Other than that, it's a bit hard to move around in so this one will be staying on the mannequin and I will be making another soon!! As you can see, I have my frost dragon which I am also working on, and my Daedric axe!! I have a battleaxe as well but it did not make it in the pic lol Hope you like!  
Frost dragon Pepakura
This is a Frost Dragon from Skyrim that I started in Pepakura! I made the mistake of scaling it bigger than I wanted, so this thing will be huge!! When it is finished, each piece will be able to come apart, so I can get it through the doors :D I am a dummy! 

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    The road back to Whiterun from Falkreath was long, and even longer still, since they had decided to go West around the mountain this time. The weather was dreary, cloudy, and cold, and the sight of rain was in view. Amarah walked slightly ahead of Marcurio, both of them in silence. He had been her follower for going on almost a year now. She still remembered the day she met him.


~~~On the day Amarah found out that she was the Dragonborn, she had traveled to Riften and decided to pay a visit to The Bee and Barb for some mead to relax. Marcurio had been sitting in the corner by the door, tankard in hand, and watched her come in..her newly forged armor was worn and she looked tired. He had never seen her before. Marcurio stood up and walked over to where Amarah was sitting. Seeing the large collection of items and weapons she had dragged in behind her made him chuckle a bit. 
    "I suppose you tend to carry off every item of value in those ruins", he said smiling. 
    Amarah jumped at the sound of his voice so close to her, and spun around to face him. Marcurio was an Imperial...tall with a dark tan, rugged, and was wearing the robes of a mage, golden, but tattered a bit. A dagger dangled at his side. His hair was long, dark, and pulled back. She looked up to his face...and his eyes...his gorgeous amber eyes. Somehow, she felt as though he was looking at her soul with those eyes, and she felt...close to him...closer in fact than she felt to her own husband. They were hypnotizing. She quickly looked away. 
    "You startled me", she replied, feeling her face get hot. No doubt she thought he was handsome. 
    "Terribly sorry", he said. "Do you mind if I sit?"
    Marcurio sat down next to her and the smell of spiced wine and pine needles filled her nose. Somehow it was a satisfying arousing, in fact, that she could taste the spice on her tongue. She pursed her lips and took another sip of mead to wash it away. Married women just don't think that way about anyone wasn't right.
    He looked at her, and watched as the soft glow of the fire danced on her face and twinkled in her armor. Daedric. He had never actually seen the armor forged..he had only heard rumors from the inn keepers. More like the legend..Had the Dremora returned to Skyrim? But, she was beautiful. But who was she? A warrior? An apprentice of the Jarl? Who? She was obviously a Breton. Her skin was so fair. Not many of those around here. 
    "What brings you to this part of Tamriel? I haven't seen you around before."
    Amarah, needing someone to talk to about her feelings, took a sip of mead and a breath, then turned to Marcurio and began to tell him about her adventures. She told him how she got here and where she came from. About the dragon at Helgen and how she managed to escape. About becoming the Dragonborn. 
    He watched her while she spoke, taking in every word. Her lips looked..soft.
    Marcurio blinked and came back to reality as she was finishing her story. 
    "Sounds like an amazing journey! So...Dragonborn, eh? Wow."
    Amarah sighed. "I still don't know why it had to be me. The pressure of everyone relying me to save Tamriel. Gods, it is overbearing."
    "I think it's an amazing gift! Think of all you could do! What you can become."
    She sighed again. "I suppose so. So what about you?"
    Marcurio laughed. "Not much to tell about me! I am an apprentice wizard and studied in the arcane arts--a destruction mage, if you will. Chain lightning was the first destruction spell I ever learned, and I have always preferred it to other spells. I also admit that I have a bit of an obsession with Nord culture and Dwemer ruins, although, I would like them more if they were not trying to kill me!"
    Amarah giggled. She turned to him and became enthralled as he told his story of who he was and how he ended up here. They talked for what seemed like hours. 
    "Well", Marcurio began, finishing his last sip of mead and standing up from the table, "if you ever need any company, my services are always welcome. You can seek me out here."
    Amarah looked up and he smiled at her as he turned to walk away.
    "Wait!" she said. Being the Dragonborn was going to be tough. She knew she was strong, but help and company wouldn't hurt for the long journeys and, during their conversation, he had explained to her how he had lost everything soon after leaving Winterhold and had no where to stay but at the tavern, and how he wished to have adventures again.
    Marcurio turned back to her with question in his eyes. 
    "500 gold coin for hire", she asked him. "You can help me with mercenary work, and maybe, train me in destruction?" (She now knew she was only making excuses for him to come along.) "I'll even give you a set of your own armor, if you are willing."
    He smiled again. "Of course! Just try not to walk in any spike-filled pits or filthy skeever dens", he said, laughing. 
    "No promises", she had replied, blushing. At this point, she just wanted his company, even if for nothing more than something to look at. A destruction mage has to come in handy though, right?

~~~~It seemed that so much time had passed since then. They had become rather good friends and had been through so much together.  So many different paths and battles. He had been by her side all this time, not knowing what lay ahead for either of them, not to mention saving her life on more than one occasion. True loyalty from a follower, even while having their arguments.
    She had not spoken to him in several hours due to a sassy comment he made about not being a pack mule when she tried giving him some items to carry. Amarah really didn't remember why she had gotten so angry about it. She knew he was feisty...and that's another thing she liked about him. Come to think of it, this was the first time she ever thought seriously about how much time they have actually spent together. 
    Thunder from the distance had gotten much closer, and the winds had picked up, making the harsh terrain seem even colder. Every once in a while, a drop of rain would hit the tip of her nose. Amarah gazed at the sky and it had gotten quite dark for it to still be early afternoon. 

    Looking around behind her, she saw that Marcurio was still carrying on sluggishly, looking at the ground. He happened to look up and make eye contact with her, making her quickly return to facing the path ahead. 
    "Would it be foolish to stop for a while and light a fire", he said sarcastically, looking back down at the ground. "I suppose it would". 
    Amarah rolled her eyes. "I plan to stop. "There's a cavern just ahead. I've passed it before. Haven't been inside yet, though."
    Marcurio muttered something under his breath. "It'll have to do", he finally said.
    Just then, a crack of lightning lit up the dark field and the sky opened up, rain pouring down on them both.    
    "Son of a--", Marcurio hollered from behind her. "Let's go!"
    Amarah and Marcurio both took off running towards the cavern, armor clanking and the sheets of rain blinding them.

    The rocky terrain made it hard to get to the cave in a hurry, but they finally made it. Cautiously walking inside, they found no immediate sign of danger, so they both turned back to look at the rain outside the mouth of the cave.
    The two glanced at each other and began to laugh. Marcurio finally stopped. "So, a cave....think we should check it out?"
    "Absolutely", said Amarah, catching her breath. 
    They started walking around the rocky corners of the cave. Rocks jutted out on each side, with just enough room to walk on. Marcurio branched out to the side while Amarah continued along the cave floor. The two sides were connected by a very mossy log laying across.
    "Try not to hit your head on a low hanging piece of stone", he said, jumping back down next to her, and stumbled, almost knocking her to the ground. She playfully elbowed him for the mistake. The two reached a clearing, and both stopped in awe. 
    "Wow. Would you look at that", Marcurio gasped. 
    Ahead of them, the cavern circled around a large lush clearing, abundant with flowers and trees, and several butterflies flitting from here to there. The ceiling of the cave formed an opening at the top, letting in an abundance of light, even in the midst of the dark cloudy sky, and the rain was pouring down onto the marshy ground below. The stream above had also found its way into the cavern, coming into cracks in the sides, producing a beautiful waterfall to the left. The mist of the water coming up from the pool was masked with a rainbow. Moss covered the stone walls and the trees. 
    Amarah, mouth agape, finally spoke. "This must be Moss Mother Cavern. It is so beautiful."
    Marcurio nodded in agreement. "Gods willing, if we find a chest full of gold in here. This is the perfect place to set up camp. Just be sure to keep an eye out for traps."
    They both walked into the clearing, still soaking in the beauty of the cavern, and sat down to unload their packs. Marcurio took off his armor, laying it to the side, leaving only his undertunic, and pulled his golden robes from his satchel. He began to make a fire. Amarah pulled out several fruits and veggies from her own bag, and the rest of the meat. They laid out several bear pelts to use for sleep and warmth. 
    "I need you to do something", she began, still fumbling with the bag.
    "Alright what is it? What do you need?"
    "Would you mind cooking something for me? I'm going to try and wash some of this grunge off in the waterfall."
    "Of course", he replied. "It'll be ready when you're done."
    She looked down and saw his robes. "Would you mind?", she asked, pointing down to them. "I didn't bring anything spare for the trip. I don't usually have the need to change."
    Marcurio nodded. 
    "Thanks". Amarah smiled and walked toward the waterfall. When she got to the pool, she started to unhinge each piece of armor, setting it aside. She shook her head at the amount of wear it had received in just a short amount of time. It was not an easy task to forge Daedric, and she had just learned how.

    Glancing up at Marcurio, making sure he was still focused on the food, she eyed him as she slowly removed the rest of her clothes. Deep down, she wanted him to look at see her Oh who was she kidding? He did not like her that way. He was her friend. Her friend that was paid to follow her around. Besides, she was married. She briefly thought of her husband, who was probably at their home in Whiterun, already sound asleep, with only the company of Lydia silently watching over the house. Amarah couldn't remember the last time he touched any way. But that shouldn't matter. 
    Stepping into the pool, the water was warm...mixed from the spring below, and the stream above, it was perfect. She timidly stepped under the cold waterfall, letting the water hit her skin. It felt so good to get rid of the dirt and the blood from her enemies. She looked up at the opening while the water ran through her hair. The rain had finally stopped, and the sky was clear, now, full of stars. The light from the moons reflected off of the stone and water, illuminating down into the cave. She smiled in the midst of its beauty, not usually being able to take the time to enjoy the surroundings while on a long jouney. 
    Marcurio had just taken the last of the food from the pot, and was placing it next to their blanket by the fire, when he looked up and saw Amarah stepping out from under the water. Night had fallen and the shadows of the trees cloaked her in a silhouette, with only the warm glow of her armor to light her skin. He squinted a bit but she had stepped behind a mossy stump. He swallowed and went back to the food. 
    Amarah finally came walking up, wrapped in his robes. She had to hold them together in the front due to them being so large. Marcurio looked up and his jaw dropped. She was stunning. The moonlight from the ceiling beamed on her porcelain skin. She smiled and blushed.
    Marcurio realized he had been staring, and immediately looked back down at the food.
    "Uh-hh d-did you enjoy the bath", he asked nervously. 
    "I did", she replied sitting down next to him. "This smells fantastic. What is it?"
    "Just a home cooked meal that we both need for our strength tomorrow."
    While Amarah reached down for the bowl, the robes fell down slightly over her shoulder. Marcurio noticed. He watched it slowly slide a bit further until he could see the valley of her cleavage and the soft roundness of her left breast. His eyes slowly rose to her face. Amarah's green eyes were as fierce as the dragon from an earlier encounter, and her chocolate brown hair framed her beauty. Water dripped from the ends. He caught himself focusing on several beads of water sliding down over her collarbone, towards her breasts. Her skin was still damp from her bath, goosebumps layering her dewy skin. Firelight glistened over the droplets like flawless gems. 
    Marcurio swallowed hard, and shuddered. 
    Amarah noticed the robes slipping, and quickly reached down to pull them up. Her face was hot and she blushed, hoping he hadn't noticed.
    "I see the rain has stopped", she said, trying to break the awkward silence, looking back towards the opening. "The moons are out."
    "I noticed. It's beautiful", he said quietly, not looking up from his meal.
    The two ate in silence for a few minutes, and then began to talk about the rest of their journey ahead to Whiterun. What they may find or see, and who they may come across. By the time they were finished with their meals, they were laughing and talking as if nothing had changed. 
    During the conversation, Amarah kept reaching to her shoulder.. After a while, she would grimace when trying to stretch. 
    Marcurio stopped talking mid sentence. "Is something wrong?"
    Amarah laughed a bit. "I'll be fine. I think I may have just pulled a muscle."
    "Here, let me see", he said. "With a master of magic at your side, you'll have nothing to worry about", he chuckled. 

    They both stood and she turned away from him. He reached up to her shoulder and gently began to knead it.

    "Here?" he asked. 
    Amarah didn't respond to his question. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the moment. Suddenly, Marcurio hit the sore muscle and she hissed a bit and pulled away, from him. "Ouch!"
    "I'm so sorry, I'm sorry", he cried as he reached out to her shoulders and pulled her back to him. He did it so quickly that she stumbled and grabbed his arms for balance. They locked eyes, and stood there staring at each other for what seemed like eternity, both breathing more shallow. Amarah could feel his chiseled muscles flex under her fingertips, and grasped his arms a little tighter. The fire pierced his amber eyes as they stared into hers. 
    Marcurio noticed the beads of water in her hair yet again, falling down her skin under the slightly parted robes. He saw a bead fall down the side of her face, and roll over her cheek. He watched it go further and further until it hit her lips. Suddenly a powerful wave of urge swept over him and he leaned in and kissed her, before he could even think to stop himself. When he pulled away, Amarah's heart was pounding so loudly she thought he may actually hear it through her chest. He knew that she was married; he came to the ceremony!  
    The realization came over him of what he had just done. His defined face was flushed with embarrassment. 
    "I'm sorry", he began. "I shouldn't have---"
    Before he could finish his sentence, Amarah wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him again. Marcurio kissed her back passionately, grasping her waist and pulling her closer to him. 
    "By the Eight", he gasped when they parted. "I have been waiting for-."
    "Shhh", Amarah smiled, placing a finger on his lips. She then stepped back a bit, biting her lip. 
    Marcurio watched as she slid her fingers up the sides of the robe and slowly began to push it off of her shoulders. He swallowed as his golden robes hit the floor of the cavern. She was lean and perfect; her bosom small, but ample. He had never thought her body would be so...small..while under so much heavy armor. Amarah looked up at him, the firelight catching the whites of her eyes, and she grinned timidly. Coming closer to him, she reached out and grasped the sides of his undertunic bottoms, sliding them down his legs to the floor, never losing eye contact with him. Upon standing, she purposely brushed her soft breasts along his penis..sliding her hands up his body, maintaining the same shy grin. 
    He exhaled deeply and stepped towards her. "You are absolutely beautiful."
    She reached down and took his hands, bringing them up and placing them both on her chest. Marcurio felt himself throbbing and he leaned in and kissed her again. He gently squeezed her breasts as he kissed her, and then slid a hand around down to the arch of her back, pulling her closer. 
    "Make love to me." she pleaded, longingly, again biting her lip. The innocence of her complexion sent a shiver through Marcurio's spine. She looked hopeful, and yet uncertain, her eyes dark with lust.
    Marcurio slowly pushed her back. She took his cue, and let him lead her to the blanket of fur, pulling him down with her. Amarah lifted a knee, and Marcurio reached down and grabbed it, pulling her leg around his waist. He pressed into her and she moaned slightly, feeling his length and how he throbbed for her. Amarah skimmed her hand down the dusty patches of hair on his chest to his shaft, gripping it firmly. He quivered, rotating his hips back and forth, pleasuring himself with her hand.  Amarah started to lightly kiss down his chest and her hot breath made him weak. His breathing became shallow and rasped, and she released her grip on him, moving her hand to herself, pulling her lips apart with two fingers invitingly. Lifting her hips, she rubbed herself up and down against his length, making him feel her moistness against him. Marcurio took the lead and slid forward and back between her sweet folds, and she could feel herself getting wetter while he rubbed along her slick. Finally he began to guide himself down. Amarah gripped his shoulders and moved with him, showing the smallest bit of fear in her eyes. Marcurio noticed and leaned forward. 
    "I'll go slow", he whispered, directly in her ear, and began to nibble on her lobe, trailing off to her neck. His voice sounded gruff, and almost animal-like, even as he whispered. Her eyes rolled back as he gently pushed inside her. Amarah grimaced and let out a whimper. The pressure was a bit painful but felt..amazing. She did not expect him to be so...long and so...thick, compared to other Imperials. Marcurio slid inside of her, and her steamy walls constricted around the head of his penis. Marcurio gritted his teeth, trying to hold himself back from coming, and pressed in further, feeling her writhe beneath him. Suddenly he stopped, looking at her, his eyes widening.

    "You're not...I're still a--."
    "Yes", she replied, panting. "I am. I have never bed my husband..or anyone....But I want you."
    Marcurio raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure about this?"
    "Yes. I've wanted you inside me since that first day at the Bee and Barb."
    "Oh Gods", he breathed, and leaned down and kissed her hard, almost forcefully, pinning her beneath him, and pushing himself all the way inside.  Amarah knew he had just deflowered her, but she wanted him badly, now, and tightened her legs around his back, forcing him deeper. Her loud cries echoed off the walls of the cave, masking the sound of the waterfall. She grabbed the back of his neck and his lower back and pulled him down even further. Marcurio could feel her begin to tighten around his shaft, and the heat....Gods the heat. It swelled around him. He swiveled his hips faster, pounding into her. She just knew he had to be hitting her cervix, and it hurt, but she wanted more, and she arched her back. Amarah's moans were now almost screams. He reached down with a free hand and began to circle her exposed pink pearl delicately with his thumb. She dug her nails into his back so hard he was sure she drew blood.
    Amarah swiftly felt a tingling cold shoot up her back and she began to see spots in front of her eyes.
    "W-wait wait..stop stop", she said, her breath shaking. 
    "No, you're about to come", Marcurio said, between breaths. "Just let it happen. Trust me". 
    He felt her body trembling and leaned forward a bit and thrusted faster, moving in to kiss her neck. Amarah suddenly felt herself go. 
    "Marcurio!" she screamed as the pleasure shot all over and her body spasmed...pleasure she had never felt before. He watched her face as she came, gasping and biting her lip, and he felt like he was going to explode. He knew this would not last as long as he would have liked, and he leaned in and kissed her, swallowing her screams. For a brief moment, he wondered if anyone had happened to pass by that may have heard her cries, but then decided he did not care. He had never wanted anyone more in his life. Nothing else mattered now. Not even the cold.
    "Don't stop!" she cried as Marcurio started to move faster and harder and could feel his load making its way to the head. He continued to circle her oversensitive pearl until, all of a sudden, he felt her tighten around him again. Amarah pulled his face to hers and darted her tongue in and out of his mouth and across his lips and he could feel the soft moans in the back of her throat as she kissed him harder. Marcurio slid a hand back up to her breast and gently massaged her nipple between two fingers. She moaned and trembled violently beneath him and finally he knew he couldn't hold it any longer. 
    "Gods I'm about to come", he groaned through gritted teeth. 
    "Yes, please...Oh Gods", she begged, exasperated. And at that moment he exploded inside of her, straining so hard a lightning chain came briefly from his free hand. Amarah felt him spilling inside of her, the hot, thick load running over her clenching walls, and while watching his flexed, thrusting body, damp with sweat, she came again. He watched as she climaxed for the second time, using the last bit of strength for her to finish, her body shuddering under him. He slowed and finally came to a stop, looking at her and smiling.  She smiled back and he then collapsed over her. Amarah could still feel his shaft pulsing inside of her. 
    Marcurio finally lifted back up, arms shaking, pulling out of her, he fell to the side, leaving a sticky white trail between them, soaking into the pelt. He propped up an arm, resting his head in his hand, using the other to lightly move Amarah's hair behind her ear. Her eyes were still tightly closed. 

    "I--I think I lo--"Amarah started, trying to catch her breath.
    Marcurio grinned. "I love you." he said, cutting her off. "I have loved you since the beginning. You were the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on, and I have only dreamed of this moment. You just seem so happy when you speak of your husband. I did not want to ruin a marriage. I couldn't bring myself to have the courage to tell you my feelings, even before you were wed."

    Amarah's eyes popped open. 
    "You didn't ruin anything." she replied. "I want to be with you. Everything about tonight was perfect. It's all I've dreamed since I first looked into your eyes. I was just...never happy with him. If you had just said something sooner...or if had said something sooner."
    "So what shall we do?"
    Amarah thought for a moment. "I will have to tell him what happened, and how I feel..How I've always felt. He will understand. I think he has known all along about how you and I felt about each other, even if we didn't, or even if we just were afraid to share them with one another. He and I were just never meant to be. I am not ready to face him after this--amazing night. But I will, and I will have the courier deliver the divorce papers to him tomorrow", she decided, smiling.
    Marcurio's eyes widened. "It's settled then! As brief as life can be in Skyrim, at least we will have each other. You should arrange the ceremony at the Temple of Mara right away. I can't wait."
    They both smiled and she snuggled down with him. Everything felt so Amarah draped an arm over his chest and fell asleep.
When the Dragonborn Comes
This is my first attempt at making a fan faction/erotica short story! Sweating a little... Heart I wrote this for a friend of mine and her sexy character!! I love love love romance, and Marcurio is also my favorite follower, character in the game so this was fun :D (Big Grin)   
Please do not copy without permission. If shared, please provide my credit :) Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think! :hump:



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